Content publishers of all types are guilty of this; spending hours writing a great article or blog post only to attach an uninspiring stock photo to the header as an afterthought.

"But there's already a load of other elements to consider when writing an article; keyword optimisation, internal linking, Open Graph tags, Twitter Card tags... The list goes on!"

Well, choosing, or better yet,crafting the right image(s) is incredibly important and should receive the same attention that the written content enjoys.

Although the image(s) you produce will be used in those peripheral, promotional elements, they're actually key to the content itself and don't have to take as much time as you might think.

If you're not gifted in graphic design (most of us aren't!) and you haven't got the internal resource available, you might benefit from the use of one of these great tools:

As Moz's article suggests, using statistics or presenting data in a scientific way (graphs and charts, basically) will help create a feeling of authority in your content. There's tools for creating these easily, too, such as:

So, there's really no excuse. It can mean the difference between someone reading your content and someone moving on, or a lead for your business and a lead for a competitor.

Put time and effort into your images. It will pay dividends.