Yep, that's right. Apple are set to earn $3bn in revenue from Pokémon Go without even really doing anything.

For the past 15 years Apple have been at the forefront of product innovation with an ever expanding software and hardware collection. But since 2012 turnover from App Store has grown disproportionately (positively) to the growth turnover from their other products.

Looking back to 2008 when the App Store was launched. Apple's App Store commission model seemed nothing more than a cash cow, taking a percentage of purchases whilst focusing on the seemingly primary purpose of the App Store, to sell iPhones. But since the acceleration of app use, growing dependency on the app format in the day-to-day life and the addition (and growth in use) of in-app purchases, Apple's cash cow has evolved into a big scary cash Charizard.

The most extreme example of this to date is app that the whole world is talking about, as aforementioned, Pokémon Go. Apple are set to rake in $3bn from the app over the next two years according to analysts, which is over 50% of Apple's entire App Store revenue in 2015.