As I'm sure many advertisers can agree, finding out that Facebook were updating their 20% text rule caused us to let out a huge sigh of relief.

As of June 2016, the new feature was officially rolled out to Facebook advertisers. This meant that advertisers could now, if they wished to, use images in their adverts that contained more than 20% text without the ad being disapproved.

Instead, we are now advised that images with a large amount of text will cost more to run and deliver less often than those with less text in their images. Consequently, images can now fall into four categories: Ok, Low, Medium and High. Similarly, we are advised that an image containing little or no text is more likely to result in cheaper cost per clicks, and an increase in audience reach.

Although on the surface it appears that text is no longer a ‘no-go’ in image adverts, your ads can still, technically, be disapproved. If your image is ranked as ‘high’, your ad may stop running completely until a new image containing less text is chosen.

Overall, although the new Facebook advertising images guideline has been rolled out, the freedom of using more text in images doesn’t seem to carry many advantages due to an increase in high costs and lower delivery.