Since 2009 Twitter’s exclusive blue tick has supplied a crown to all those A-list: athletes, musicians, TV royalty and 'celebrities' of every kind. While the rest of us have lusted over seeing that dash of blue, it seemed that it was just another VIP list our names would never be on. But have Twitter changed their minds? According to Twitter’s user services Vice President Tina Bhatnagar, the micro blogging site will now allow all of its users to apply for a verified account!

So does this really mean we could all receive the badge of honour? Well not really, while we can all go through the online process, fill out the extensive form and explain why we think we deserve the badge, Twitter will still only verify those they see of “public interest”. So even though the process of getting one is now open, it isn’t actually any easier.

The reason Twitter wants to open up its verification process is so users can find accounts of “key interest” easier, these key interest areas include music, TV, film, fashion, government, politics and so on. So unless you’re the number one search result for your name on Google, you’ll have to wait a little longer for that dastardly blue badge.