Google yesterday announced the retirement of Converted Clicks with a move to Conversions as the primary measure of valuable user interactions.

Why have they done this?

Conversions can go where Converted Clicks cannot: Conversions can factor in cross-device behaviours and store visits, and break away from the last-click conversion model to give a multi-dimensional view of user interactions with your physical and digital properties.

Why does it matter?

We need to consider the impact this has on the bidding models we use.

One of the most important factors in relation to optimisation on bidding is to understand which keywords, ads and campaigns are generating Conversions, but not multiple Conversions, from a single user. Multiple Conversions muddy the waters because it looks like we're getting more for our money than we really are.

Whilst that may be useful business information to have, I don't want to optimise my bidding strategy based on users who average 3 Conversions per click and therefore believe (and report to my client!) that my CPA is a third of what it actually is.  

What should we do?

Our recommendation is to make sure you choose to count single instances of Conversion rather than multiple instances to keep your bids profitable and your reporting honest and free of potentially costly errors!