Marissa Mayer was a Google superstar. She was offered the position of CEO at Yahoo in 2012 and took it. Now the sale of Yahoo's core assets to Verizon for $4.8 billion have been taken by some news outlets as her "failing" and, as it always does, her gender comes into the discussion.

Why is her gender a factor? Don't we have enough problems encouraging women into prominent roles, especially so in the digital sector? 

Mayer is one of the role models I hope my daughter will look up to. Her tenacity, attention to detail and pursuit of the best solutions (sometimes to the point of micro-management) are admirable but these things were often overlooked and unbelievable comments made by mainstream news outlets purely because of her gender - these things would NEVER have been said about a man in her position.

Promoting and supporting women in the workplace shouldn't be something we need to encourage in 2016. Equality should be defacto. But it's not, and we have to change the culture in tech to be inclusive of everyone, regardless of gender, race or anything else that is completely irrelevant to somebody's ability to do a job.

As for Marissa, she stands to pocket around $123 million from the deal - some sources place the estimate at closer to $219 million. Your measures of success may differ, but it's hard to imply her failure in that respect: not a bad payday for 4 years' work.