AdWords Editor 11.5 has landed along with a few new updates.

Not managed to download the update yet? Here's a low down of what you can expect.

1. Structured Snippets

AdWords now allows you to create and edit Structured Snippet extensions within AdWords Editor. If you haven't yet used this type of ad extension across your accounts, structured snippets allow you to highlight aspects of your services in a list format. For example, a predefined header is selected, and the advertiser will then need to manually enter supporting content specific to their product or service.


Destinations: Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, London

2. Expanded Text Ads

AdWords Editor 11.5 fully supports the newly rolled out expanded text ads. Within Editor, advertisers will be able to create, edit and upload expanded text ads on a large scale.

Not sure what they are? Expanded search ads will allow advertisers to maximize their presence on the search results by virtually doubling in length compared to current text ads.

3. Mobile App Engagement Ads

You can now create and edit Mobile App Engagement Ads using AdWords Editor 11.5. These type of ads will help to encourage users to return to your app, encourage them to take a specific action, or simply attract new app downloads.

4. Import and Export across Multiple Accounts

Advertisers can now import a single CSV file into multiple accounts. Similarly, it is now possible to export several accounts into one CSV file. AdWords Editor 11.5 has also made it possible to post changes to several accounts at the same time.

Other changes include: an improved search bar, filter by campaign type when downloading campaigns, and sorting multiple columns.