It's time to come clean, hold my hands up and ask for your clemency. Forgive me, design gods and clients for I have sinned.

All too often whilst curating your latest digital Mona Lisa, it's easier to paste in a few lines of Latin and assume that this will do the job. "Huzzah!" says the designer, "I've saved a solid 30 seconds and my design looks great". Well, not quite. You see, while we're focusing on the aesthetic we're brushing aside the true purpose of each and every website out there. It's content.

If your goal in life is to design a seamless user experience then you should start by handing your clients a polished and realistic example of their site, not a design full of idealistic stock photos from Unsplash and a block of random text from 45 BC. More often than not your design will break or look less than perfect once it's been populated. Avoid that sinking feeling and curate your design for the content it is housing.

It's as simple as copying their existing content (after all, this is more than likely going to be the standard of content going forward) or if it's available to you ask your local content team for a helping hand with something new and relevant.

I hereby vow to give an accurate and realistic example of a website and its contents from now on. Your websites content is my new King (or Queen).


Laurence Earl