As an Umbraco Gold Partner, at Prodo we have privileges to all the latest news scoops from Umbraco HQ.  As a platform for building web applications the 'friendly CMS' continues to mature at an impressive rate. Keen observers will have noticed a shift in focus into 'Enterprise'-features in v7.3: designed to allow high traffic sites to be hosted with Umbraco in the cloud.

Soon to be out of beta is v7.5: bringing back a healthcheck feature that was inexplicable removed after v6 & a very impressive 301 redirect feature that automatically creates your 301 redirects when your content editors decide to rename pages. 

Personally though, it's v8 that I'm waiting for.  If you're a speed freak you'll be very impressed by the high-performance cache.  However, 2 features stand out for me in particular: segmentation & variants.  What?! I hear you splutter into your coffee!!

Let me explain:  out the box in v8, Umbraco are providing a framework for personalisation based on criteria such as language, country or locality, time of day and the device being used (such as desktop, tablet and mobile).

Meaning that Umbraco will truly be a marketeers dream.  

Out End 2016: Merry Christmas everyone!