Facebook have changed the HTML of their adverts, making it indistinguishable from the organic content. Doing this has allowed them to bypass adblockers.

But it isn't a simple change, Facebook have identified the reason why people were using adblockers and have incorporated measures to alleviate people's want for adblockers. This is where it becomes important for businesses using paid budget on Facebook to take note.

Facebook have been punishing 'bad organic content' creators for years, but adverts have always been a safe-haven for bad content creators. This is because adverts essentially leapfrog 99% of Facebook's infamous timeline algorithm. This no longer looks to be the case, as the major alleviation measure that Facebook have put in place with this update are 'ad-targeting opt-outs'.

Essentially, with this update the quality of your adverts will increasingly have a direct effect on not only conversions rates, but also conversion opportunity rates.

If you're assigning paid budget to Facebook without a report based strategy, it is the right time to start doing this.