If you blinked, you might have missed last week's anniversary announcement: on August 6th: 25 years since Sir Tim Berners-Lee launched the first ever webpage to the public.  These days, when you think about all the things that rely on it: iphones; facebook; Netfix; Amazon; all online shopping; Pokemon Go; it's impossible to imagine life without the Internet.

Only 7 years after this event Prodo was formed, and soon realised that the Internet was the future of marketing.  That incidentally, for those of us who remember it,  was 1998, a time when the average dialup speed was 14.4kbps and getting online involved picking up an AOL CD from your local newsagents.  

This was the same year Arsene Wenger won his 1st Premier League title; Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury; when the EURO was created; Microsoft became the most valuable company on the New York Stock Exchange with the launch of Windows 98; Google had just gone live; and Apple had just invented the iMac.

You get the picture, a lot has happened since then!

For me, what really puts it into perspective is looking at how the designs for popular websites have changed over the years: driven by new form-factors, improving screen resolutions, more sophisticated development frameworks, and rise of professional UX design teams.

What's clear is that to stay relevant in today's digital economy, companies need to continually invest in their digital platform.  At Prodo, we have seen a trend for our clients to treat their digital spend with us as Opex expenditure: with a website treated as a Minimum Viable Product followed by a program of continuous improvement over a number of years; website builds followed by mobile apps to drive digital reach to new areas of their business; or with addition of system integrations to improve operational efficiencies.  

This is because there is a realisation that digital is an ever-changing landscape and that as soon as you stop you're behind your competitors.  In order to be able to achieve value from these kinds of initatives, you need a true digital partner that is continually looking at the future on your behalf.  

As a leading full-service digital agency in the North West, Prodo are here to help.