Did you know that the majority of websites don’t use a CMS? According to a recent study by W3Techs, more than 55% of websites don’t use content management systems. 

With so many advantages to using a CMS, it’s surprising that so many sites don't use them.   Here are 7 reasons why we think that using a web CMS is a good idea.

1. Accessibility A good CMS build should mean that you can make changes to a site without needing to know HTML or any other programming language to build a website.

2. Independence Because no coding is involved, a CMS frees you from a developer or an IT department. You’re in charge of your site. Need to make an edit or an update? There’s no need to email someone a request—you can make it yourself.

3. Cost of Maintenance You’re saving money by using your developer’s time more efficiently... or maybe by not hiring a developer at all. 

4. Efficiency Content management systems store content in a database, where it’s easily accessible and separate from site layout. This dynamic content approach makes updating your site fast and easy. With a static site, you’d have to tediously copy and paste in order to display the same text on multiple pages or update your tagline. With a CMS? Do it once and you’re done.  

5. Collaboration Most content management systems foster collaboration by allowing multiple users to work on a site, and many of them offer handy features like workflows, approval chains and permissions. 

6. Go Anywhere Because most CMSs are online, users can access them from any computer (or smartphone!) with an Internet connection. That means it’s easy for your co-worker across the country to be on the same page as you—literally. And your fantasies of working remotely from Hawaii? Totally possible.  

7. SEO-Friendly Want to appear higher in search results? A content management system can help. Most of them have built-in SEO tools like XML sitemap creation and keyword monitoring. 

Prodo Digital build every website on a CMS platform, because it just make sense.