The content we produce as inbound marketers is a significant factor in our success. It's no surprise that 49% of inbound marketers quizzed in a recent study said they spent between 11 and 30 hours per week creating content (be it blog posts, videos, PDFs, et al).

But it's likely all for naught if you don't write for your target audience.

As Gary Vaynerchuk rightly stated, content is king, but context is God (or whichever deity you choose). Add value to your audience, not more noise that they have to sift through as they navigate their newsfeeds and emails.

Content assets that are created without a buyer persona in mind will likely work as well as content without outreach: when what you produce is devoid of reason and doesn't receive exposure, it simply adds to the swathes of useless words, videos and infographics that pile up on a daily basis.