The rise of Adblock Plus usage (other ad blockers are available) has been formidable & well-documented, and a study conducted in 2015 by ClarityRay found almost 10% of impressions were countered by ad blockers.

I don't doubt for a moment that we're closer to 20% this year.

The ad industry has battled long and hard to make it onto whitelists with the larger ad blocking firms and it looked as though ad networks would need to accelerate the charge for new models of distribution and publishers would need to find new ways to get paid - Freemium works, but getting the model right amongst a user base who aren't accustomed to paying for their content is a tough sell.

So in news that left most of our industry reeling, confused (and often irked) Adblock Plus has placed itself as the arbiter of a situation of its own creation and launched a marketplace for what it calls "acceptable ads".

The positive of this is that between Adblock Plus taking steps to help eliminate poor-quality ads and Google looking to diminish the value of sites who use low-quality pop-ups or interstitials, website usage should become a more pleasant experience.

The negative? Adblock Plus only becomes more powerful as usage increases and will have the capability to determine how the advertising landscape will look for the rest of the internet. That's a little too much power for my liking.


For advertisers

You're probably going to pay more for your adverts as Adblock takes a cut.

For publishers

You're probably going to make less from your adverts as Adblock takes a cut.

For the Adblock end user

You're probably going to see adverts.