Yes, yes. This is a new venture from Google but, the first thing to clarify that this is far from Google's first attempt at a messaging service, this is just their latest attempt.

However - there is a change afoot. The guys at Google have clocked they've perhaps been targeting the wrong kind of people. Previously Google have targeted the professional 'LinkedIn' sort that tend to use Hangouts, that wasn't working. They've moved away from this and set their sights at the WhatsApp/iMessage market. Their product Google Allo.

Google Allo has all of the standard features that you will find on a messaging app, quirky little images, sounds and GIFs. But what is different? Well, let me summarise.

1. Smart Reply

With every single message you send, Allo further builds its profile on you for suggested responses (Smart Reply) based on your previous messages. Meaning at the end of day one using the app, Allo will know if you're a 'haha' or 'lol' kind of person. Scale this up and think about your profile being built up over years, and you'll start to realise the scary possibilities of Smart Reply.

Due to Google's image recognition technology, Smart Reply isn't limited to just text recognition. If you get sent a picture of a little kitty and then you'll get some suggested replies such as 'Aww' or 'I want one', unless of course you've previously stated you hate little kitties!

2. Helpful Assistant

Google Assistant is Google's answer to Siri, but with an emphasis on text interaction instead of voice. It's primary function to add another dimension to your conversations. An example, if you and your partner are deciding what to eat later then you can ask:

"@google How long does it take to make sushi?"

Google will add the information to the conversation, and if you think that 25-minutes is too long, you can ask:"@google Where can I order sushi from?"

Likewise the result will be displayed to both of you. The results are generated from Google's search-engine rankings.

3. The Future

I believe Google Assistant is simply a feature to increase the size of Allo's user-base. Yes, it is another search based channel from Google that will reward inbound marketing strategies. But from a marketing point of view, the thing that caught my eye here is their unique approach to user-profiling and the potential it has.

If Google Allo takes off and starts to grow a good sized user-base then their next step is creating business profiles, and once there are business profiles the route plans itself:

  1. Launch of business profiles
  2. Smart Reply profiling for businesses
  3. Suggested responses for businesses
  4. Automated responses for businesses
  5. Automated natural conversation with customers

Allo is being rolled out world-wide this week. I'll certainly be downloading it. Will you?