At the risk of stating the obvious, search is very, very important. 

A recent study by Purchased amongst 1,000 respondents found that participants turned to their smartphones for answers 96% of the time, and search made up 87% of their first response when it came to answering a question or identifying a need.

Google stated, "People have more choices than ever to meet their needs—online and offline. And as they turn to their smartphones to make decisions, learn something new, get something accomplished, or tackle a future goal—search is their lifeline. 

This is why so many brands use search to make an impression early and get into the consideration set when people are starting to form opinions."

The takeaway here is that search remains a pivotal part of a modern marketing mix. It's no use creating the demand and answering burning questions if you're nowhere to be found when someone runs their search through Google (or Bing, as it continues to gain traction in the UK). 

Reaching users in that moment where they first identify a need that your brand can fulfil is an irreplaceable milestone within the customer journey.

It may not represent the tipping point in aligning with a brand but those who do appear become trusted advisors and get a headstart on the competition at a point where users are generally brand-agnostic. 

People, the user behaviour revolution will not be televised. But even if it were, we'd miss it because we're glued to our phones.