So, I'm here to write a short piece about how a product created by Zuckerberg and his team won't take off. I'm an idiot. I'll probably be wrong, but I've got a few thoughts on their new "slack competitor". 

The new product is a tool for coworkers to communicate and collaborate in a professional environment on Facebook. Ultimately, your instance of Facebook at Work would be almost a hub of all communication within your business and would give your organisation the ability to do some of the following things that you'll recognise from your usual Facebook experience:

  • Add employees to your account, allowing them to see your status updates, images, videos etc
  • See events, be invited to events, share events
  • Chat to your colleagues with messenger, very much like the standard Facebook messenger experience 

Imagine you're the boss of a 50 strong company, and your IT team suggest replacing your intranet and communication solutions with Facebook at Work - one of the main reasons being that the on-boarding experience is completely unnecessary due to the fact that almost everyone in your business already uses Facebook - it genuinely sounds like a great solution but I can't help but think about the potential flaws in the product due to what we already know about the main Facebook product.

Are you comfortable storing potentially commercially sensitive data on Facebook's servers?

Will they change their privacy policy every year, stating that they now own the information we share? Our lists of employees, the things they write about, the messages they send?

Will we receive even more unsolicited phone calls, text messages and emails from companies who've been able to use/buy this data?

I guess time will tell - but I fear there will be huge reservations from senior teams regarding the data security of Facebook at Work.