SEO and Content Marketing. Content Marketing and Outreach. Outreach and PR. PR and Social Media. They're pairings that are often put together as they complement each other so well. They're all part of the digital marketing mix, but pairing them off like this is too narrow-minded.

Mark Traphagen, in his interview below, elaborates on one of the examples above. He preaches about the mutually beneficial partnership of SEO and content (I'm in full agreement!). There's a bit of a problem, though...

Why are we still talking about it? 

As Traphagen points out, the problem lies with ownership. Your company or department might have its SEO specialists and its Content Marketing specialists in separate teams. There's nothing inherently wrong with this. It's when they have different goals and success is measured against different criteria that you end up with issues.

If you're in this situation, you should aim to ensure your different teams and specialists are constantly talking, sharing insight, reviewing work and generating ideas with each other. The other option, if available to you, is to get integrated.

This is something we've been championing at Prodo Digital for years. We have specialists across all channels, but our SEO specialists are also skilled in PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing. The same goes for the specialists in those other channels, too. Campaign strategies are formulated with input from the wider team to ensure we're maximising the return our clients will get.

This integrated marketing approach with a cross-skilled team means you get more for your money. We know that putting budget into SEO will also benefit the Content Marketing and Social Media work we do for our clients.

So, it's time to acknowledge how symbiotic the relationship is across all of your digital marketing channels and start putting an integrated approach into practice!