So, lets take a trip back to 2012. Gangnam Style was #1 in the charts, London were hosting the Olympics and I downloaded Snapchat for the first time. Now, being a bit of a social media geek it isn't rare for me to download and delete a new social media app though most are fleeting. Not Snapchat however, quite the opposite.

The growth of Snapchat is unprecedented, if you think that it wasn't really picked up until 2013 and additional functionality wasn't implemented until a year later you begin to realise how impressive their rate of growth has been. Now more used than Twitter, Snapchat boasts over 150-million daily users. But how have they done this?

The simple reason their platform has grown so much is their approach to functionality implementation, they've absolutely nailed it. Lets compare it to Twitter. Over the past few years Twitter have suffered from a revenue model crisis, they don't make money on their timeline.

The reason they don't make money on their timeline is simply because they find it hard to reward good content, their timeline format simply doesn't allow it. And where to advertisers wan't to be? That's right, among good content. Over the past few years, Twitter have set their functionality implementation sights to combat this, implementing feature after feature that allows users to create 'bad content' thus giving Twitter a reason to present a timeline solution that rewards 'good content'. But sadly it just isn't working. 

Snapchat however, haven't cared about their revenue model over the past five years. They realised that if they prioritised creating numerous functionalities that kept users happy and on the platform, then with some of those functionalities revenue streams will begin present themselves and that is the entire reason their growth has been so unbelievably Usain.