As someone who's used to seeing agile in-house development teams deliver astonishing amounts of value to their businesses, many many times over the investment in the team, it always puzzles me that digital agencies still operate to a traditional model where they are forever wrestling with fixed cost, fixed scope, fixed deadline projects that are monsters to get over the line.

The difficulties that have stopped agencies moving away from this have always centered around how you get the contract right so both parties feel they have enough protection & how to build a frameworks that keeps on creating continuous value for the client.

With the introduction of Growth Driven Design (GDD), Hubspot have 'reinvented' agile in an agency-friendly format.  Having attended the recent partner event in Dublin, it's fair to say that this market is far from mature, with even their most advanced partners only up to 3 GDD retainers.

From the outside, Hubspot have always looked to me like a cult for marketeers.

However, whether that is the case or not, they really have created something that could change the world.   Mainly because it turns agency development on it's head: from a place of just selling hours of development to a place where you're delivering business value to your client.

And if you're continuously delivering business value, you're continuously building your client's business case for spending more & more with you.   Client is extremely happy, and so are your cashflows. 

Win-Win for everyone!