A Day in the Life of… a Prodo Digital Project Manager

First things first, there isn’t such a thing as a typical day in this role, so if you like plenty of variety then we could be a good fit for you! But we can give you a good idea of #ProdoLife.

Most of us work best on a full stomach and you can use your planning skills to make time to fuel-up for the morning at Prodo’s legendary Cakehole – the ultimate in quirky catering, with freshly cooked breakfasts available every day. 

Then you’re ready to launch into the day… After picking up emails, whether on websites requiring urgent attention or late-night client requests, you’ll soon be in full swing with the morning sprint – we take an agile approach so if you’re experienced in agile you’ll feel right at home! 

A Prodo Project Manager’s role is a broad one, encompassing both internal liaison and client contact. As the day unfolds, you’ll be sharing information with developers, account managers and clients and coordinating activity as project lead across a variety of jobs, from populating websites to overseeing support and writing specifications. 

By lunchtime you’ll be ready for a well-earned break. You can relax and stretch out any tensions with a quick game of table tennis or commandeer one of Prodo’s dogs for a stroll and some fresh air after indulging in a freshly prepared lunch (the Cakehole strikes again!).Back to it for the afternoon! 

At Prodo Digital we’re big on customer delight, and our PMs are renowned for being pragmatic, resourceful, flexible and diplomatic, so you’ll still be going strong, using your skills to take you through to 5pm. 

We don’t hide PMs away, so there’s plenty of face-to-face contact and you can guarantee that every day will be different. 

So is every client, and our broad portfolio spans plenty of sectors to get your teeth into.

If you have impeccable project management skills, loathe boredom, have an understanding of design and UX and are ready to work in an agency where everyone can make a difference, please get in touch!