As it is Halloween I thought I'd light up the campfire, get out the flashlight and tell you a scary story about the worst social media campaign I've ever seen.

I walked past visuals for this particular campaign every day for six-months and every time it left me feeling a little bemused. Even though the store is no longer trading, I won't drop any names.

The campaign intention was a common one, converting in-store and passing footfall into Facebook likes. The way the shop tried to achieve this was with a large amount of A1 posters on the interior of the shop, and banners on the exterior of the shop.

The posters and banners read: Be Our 10,000th Like On Facebook To Win £1,000 In Store

Spotted the issue? That is right. Anybody who visited their Facebook page off the back of this campaign would make a conscious effort to not like the Facebook page if they weren't the 10,000th Like.

The campaign essentially only had the pulling power to convert a single person from 'in-store and passing footfall' to a 'Facebook like', not only that but that single person's value was instantly hugely negative due to the fact they would receive £1,000 to spend in store!

The Lesson? Outlay the user-journey from start to finish for social media campaigns as you would a customer-journey. It is easy to focus on the end goal, create a start point and forget about the journey.