The house of Twitter ain't a happy one at the moment, the platform is in turmoil and Twitter's latest test indicates they could be ready to accept defeat.

Twitter's latest test? Launching all web links on Twitter for iOS with Safari's Reader mode. Whilst yes this is only a test, it can still be used as statement of intent by Twitter. So this 'statement of intent' what is it stating? Well this can be perceived as a consumer focused move by Twitter. Wait one second, Twitter are thinking about implementing a consumer focused functionality change? How out of character of them.

Twitter have always been a victim of their own success in that the reverse-chronological timeline that brings them 100-million daily users doesn't actually allow them to make cold-hard cash. Since realising this they've often tried to tweak and change the timeline in attempt to make it a more profitable area, though most/all changes have been hit by backlash by said 100-million users.

So why now? Why have Twitter suddenly started worrying about their users? I think it is pretty clear, their primary focus is not no longer set on profitability but now set on keeping and growing their daily user count. And the reason - they're begging to be bought.

Inbound marketers will be delighted by Twitter's intentions as it further solidifies the anti-interruption trend/movement that we're seeing across not only digital but all marketing methods. Inbound marketers continue to surf this ever increasing wave whilst outbound marketers are finding it increasingly harder to stay afloat.