Messenger Bots are huge and they're getting bigger as the barrier to entry (cost) is broken down by Facebook supplying infrastructure and developer guides to get companies started. They're making it easy to test and measure, and Facebook knows that the best way to get buy-in with an idea is to use supporting data. That's why they've created an analytics platform for Messenger chatbots to help marketeers get the most from their bot investment

The data the bots yield will break down which audiences are most likely to engage with your bot and which messaging is most effective: in making this information easily accessible, Facebook is helping us secure budget for further investment in its platform.

What this means for us as marketeers is that it's never been simpler to secure stakeholder buy in for bot investment.

It's a win for our customers if this is where they spend their time online, and a win for Facebook as it learns how to monetise bots.