In the UK, television still gets the big bucks when it comes to advertisers' budgets and TV advertising revenue in the UK totalled £5.27 billion in 2015, the first time TV ad spend eclipsed the £5 billion mark. 

And whilst the UK slowly moves budget from traditional media into digital with all the haste of a glacial ice sheet, the US is changing more rapidly than Clark Kent in a phone booth.

Emarketer estimate that TV ad spending will total $72.01 billion, or 35.8% of total media ad spending in the US. Meanwhile, total digital ad spending in 2017 will equal $77.37 billion, or 38.4% of total ad spending.

Facebook aren't waiting around for the balance to shift and are chasing the best of both worlds as they test their ads in the mainstream consciousness via TV ads this month.

Coupling Facebook's audience data with the reach of television as a medium will be phenomenal. Don't expect this test phase to last long and be prepared for a rapid rollout of data-driven advertising on an unprecedented scale.