Sometimes clients ask us what makes Prodo a 'Digital' and not just a 'Web' agency.  

Ask different people at Prodo and we'll all come back with a slightly different perspective.  My view used to be that we were 'Digital' because we are about more than just building websites: we also have a strong consultancy, technical SEO and Inbound marketing teams.

However, lately it's dawned on me that the truth is that 'Digital' is now about much more than traditional web development.  Last year I remember reading about Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella's ambitious sounding predictions about bots revolutionising the World and having a quiet laugh to myself.  

But it's amazing how far this technology has come.  Sure there's still more hype than it warrants in terms of truly useful practical applications, but the technology has come so far that Prodo are already exploring ways to help our clients use chatbots for their marketing needs: in order to help them provide personalised experiences for users 24/7 without having to hire more staff.

Here's a good practical article with 9 tips on getting started.